From the recording Allison Scola Song Sampler

Written by Allison Scola

Allison Scola, Lead Vocals, Piano, and Organ; Larry Saltzman, Guitar; Paul Ossola, Bass; Frank Vilardi, Drums; Neil Ochoa, Percussion


Send my love to your heart with my subtle words
Seek the life of your kiss with my cunning eyes
Oh, you will be mine by summer's end
Release a sigh, by summer's end

Verse 1:
Finding solace in quick meetings
Break down the distance with sweet greetings
My heart skips, I can't breathe when you say my name
We light up at contact, playing our game

Chorus Refrain

Verse 2:
Days turn to weeks and my hope grows strong
Catch you here and there, now it can't be wrong
See your eyes smile, body move, hear your smooth voice
My situation right now, leaves me no choice


Verse 3:
I want to hold you, touch you, laugh 'til we cry
Bask in the bliss of you and I