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Press for Allison Scola as a Performing Songwriter

Allison Scola embraces her heritage and American story very personally on A Braver Kind, and it's worth a listen. ... Overall, this is an enjoyable album. It seems familiar in its freshness, because it is pop with something more. That something more is Scola's history, honesty, and originality.”


Allison Scola is at her best with slower, quieter songs; her pretty voice is her music's finest asset.”

— Time Out New York

[Scola] easily conveys the emotion behind the words and you, the listener, believe every word.”


Scola's voice is reminiscent of Tracy Thorn from Everything But the Girl; and it's beautiful.”


Her singing is comforting and all-embracing, like being in the presence of your long lost best friend.”


Allison's performance is very alluring and classy and made me think of Tori Amos on stage, with a lot more, but similar sex appeal.”

— Just Plain Folks