From the recording Allison Scola Song Sampler

Written by Allison Scola

Allison Scola, Lead Vocals and Piano; Larry Saltzman and Janie Barnett, Guitars; Paul Ossola, Bass; Frank Vilardi, Drums; Neil Ochoa, Percussion; Janie Barnett, Background Vocals


Verse 1:
You give me a little hint just enough to want more
I've listened close to your words and waited it out
I've got a million in my account, and I'm ready to spend it

I don't know what's holding you back
But I've got to go
'Cause there's something better waiting for me
It's true, I'm calling it off
'Cause around the bend
There's something better waiting for me

Verse 2:
Guess you're too blind to see we've got something good
I'm interested, but I'm done counting to ten
You've got my number in your book, so why don't you use it?


After all this time I recognize I've got so much to lose
No more hanging on, I'm letting go
I won't play your fool

Verse 3:
Timing is everything when it comes to these things
You've got to jump on the train when it pulls in to your town
I've got my ticket to ride, and the whistle is blowing