1. Risking A Fall

From the recording Allison Scola Song Sampler

Written by Allison Scola

Allison Scola, Lead Vocals and Piano; Stephanie Winters, Cello; Janie Barnett, Guitar and Background Vocals; Paul Ossola, Upright Bass; Neil Ochoa, Percussion.


Verse 1:
Each time I see you again
It reminds me what a fool I've been
Afraid to reveal my secret to you
If I told you, would you pull away?
Wonder how I could be led so astray
When you gave me your heart
And I let you go

I suppose telling you, "I love you" is risking a fall
Which is less risky than not telling you at all
Which is risking a fall
And risking it all

Verse 2:
I feel that if I wait one more day
I'll lose my chance, time will betray
My love for you that is so pure
Good things come to those who wait
But as usual I'm just a little late
Wish I could've known that you
I'd never forget!



I saw a play earlier this week
It told me to tell you, to let my heart speak
Love ain't something that you
Let slip away!


Better to risk a fall
Over risking it all