From the recording A Braver Kind

Written by Allison Scola and Janie Barnett

Allison Scola: lead vocal, clarinet, piano, Wurlitzer electric piano
Janie Barnett: background vocals
Steve Jabas: electric guitar
Mark Verdino: electric bass
Dave Mancuso: drum kit, percussion


Cast my eyes out at the new day
Watch the boats as they float ‘cross the bay
See jets paint beams in the sky
Another gorgeous day I’m hoping flies by
‘Cause I’m

Waiting for you to come back
Yeah, I’m waiting for you to come home
Waiting for you to come back
Yeah, I’m waiting for you, waiting for you

Got a hair cut, bought new shoes
Checked my mail – still no news
Order coffee just the way I like it
I’m fine on my own, but that’s not how I want it


It may not have seemed so
But when you left me I was crying,
“Don’t go! Don’t go!”
You know, you know
It’s not that I doubt you
It’s just no life without you
It’s no life without you

Sun is setting, had dinner with a friend
She’s doing fine – will this ever end?
You’re prob’ly waking up as I write
Well, I send you a kiss into the lonely night