From the recording A Braver Kind

Written by Allison Scola and Janie Barnett

Allison Scola: lead vocal
Janie Barnett: acoustic guitar, background vocals
Steve Jabas: electric guitar
Mark Verdino: electric bass
Dave Mancuso: drum kit, percussion
Rob Curto: accordion
Evija Kiger: violin
Jeanne LeBlanc: cello


My life takes me ’round unmarked curves
Each trip, each fall, some bit learned
Not so easy to know what’s true
I’m collecting clues

Don’t trust their words, only mine
Looking at my finish line
Never thought I’d work this hard
Now I’ve come this far

Failure is impossible
Failure is impossible
Failure is impossible

Obstacles sometimes cloud my path
Step back, brush off, have a laugh
Like a tree I may have to bend
But I’ll swing back again


I press on, so do the days
Whatever the means, however it pays in dreams

And they wonder and raise their brow
Asking, “How long ‘til you fall down?”
Well, destination is only a guess
Call it my foolishness