From the recording A Braver Kind

Written by Allison Scola and Janie Barnett

Allison Scola: lead vocal, clarinet
Janie Barnett: acoustic guitar
Steve Jabas: electric guitar
Mark Verdino: electric bass
Dave Mancuso: drum kit
Evija Kiger: violin
Jeanne LeBlanc: cello


I usually wouldn’t start
Wouldn’t entertain a thought in my heart
But time spent together drew me into a dream

I know you are a taken man
Shacked up with silverware in Brooklyn
But I can’t seem to get my head ‘round your ways

Now’s just not the time for you and I
Now’s just not the time, I have to deny myself
‘Cause as much as my heart is free to fly
You, Sweet, are shacked up in Brooklyn

The revelation of secret thoughts
Intoxicates me, binds me in knots
But the pulse in my chest is bitter sweet

Your hands on my back firm and strong
Help me forget all this is wrong
But my conscience says, we’re better than this scheme


My affinity for you is deeply sincere
My passion for you won’t disappear