From the recording A Braver Kind

Written by Allison Scola

Allison Scola: lead vocal, piano, background vocals
Janie Barnett: acoustic guitar, background vocals
Steve Jabas: electric guitar, backwards guitar, drum track and loop programming
Mark Verdino: electric bass
Dave Mancuso: drum kit, percussion
Rob Curto: accordion
Alessandra Belloni: tarantella vocal, pizzica tambourine
John T. LaBarbera: mandolin, mandola, chitarra battente
Greg Germann: additional drum track programming


Here you are next to me
We’ve got such chemistry
Inhale your every breath
Feel my helplessness…
I want to touch you, but I can’t

Night dreams haunt my sleep
Feelings run so deep
Can’t seem to ignore
That you’re wanting more
I want to touch you, but I can’t

Now’s not the time to live this fantasy, no
Maybe in another life in some other century, oh…

Feel my helplessness
Prize my faithfulness
I want to touch you!

I think all day
Oh, about… your chest
Oh, about… your neck
Oh, about… your lips
Oh, about… mmm…
I want to touch you…
…but I can’t