1. In Your Arms

From the recording A Braver Kind

Written by Allison Scola

Allison Scola: lead vocal, piano
Janie Barnett: acoustic guitar, keyboard, background vocals
Steve Jabas: electric guitar
Mark Verdino: electric bass
Dave Mancuso: drum kit
John T. LaBarbera: oud, mandolin
Jon Gordon: mandolin


Verse I:
This crazy world delivers sadness
New York alone, a certain madness
Yet among it all I found your beauty
Your tender ways, a gift just for me

'Cause I fly to another space
And I move at a different pace
And my world lights up with grace
'Cause I'm in your arms
Babe, ‘cause I'm in your arms

Verse II:
I tried to hide my affection for you
Can’t push aside a love that is true
The city streets now gleam with passion
This game of love, could I have won?


This love is magnificent – how could I have ever known?
It takes my soul to a place where I grow, and grow,
and grow.