Celebrate St. Joseph's Day in New York City with a Prix-fixe Lun

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Cacio e Vino, 80 2nd Ave, New York

Bring the whole family to celebrate St. Joseph's Day or La Festa di San Giuseppe Cacio e Vino!

San Giuseppe, or Saint Joseph, is one of the most venerated saints south of Rome. The spouse of the Virgin Mary and the guardian-father of Jesus, he is regarded as the patron saint of fathers, capenters, and those who toil for their work.

In the 10th century, a drought caused a severe famine. Devotees of Saint Joseph prayed to him to bring rain, and in return, they promised to hold a feast in his honor. Rain and recovery from hunger did come, and since then, the ritualistic feast of Saint Joseph has been celebrated.

In addition to lunch, there will be a short concert of Sicilian folk songs and folk music presented by the duo Villa Palagonia and a discussion about Saint Joseph and the feast day traditions presented by Allison Scola of Experience Sicily.

Niki Masino GelsominoImports of Gelsomino Imports, LLC will have artisanal products from Sicily for sale.

St. Joseph's Day Luncheon Prix-fixe Menu

Appetizer - Maccu con Crostini e Salsiccia (Fava Beans with Sausage on Crostino Bread) - Rianata Pizza (Onions, Anchovy, Tomato, Caciocavallo Cheese, Breadcrumbs, and Oregano)


Pasta - Bucatini con Sarde (Bucatini pasta with Fresh Sardines, Pine Nuts, Fennel, Raisins & Toasted Breadcrumbs)

Main Course - Involtini di Pollo alla Siciliana (Sicilian Style Rolled Chicken) - Salmone con Capperi, Pomodori e Olive Verdi (Salmon with Capers, Tomatoes & Green Olives)

Dessert - Sfingi di San Giuseppe con Ricotta e Vanilla Cream

To Drink 2 glasses of wine or soda and coffee

Tax and Gratuity are also included in the ticket price.