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A Braver Kind - CD/MP3

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Thank you for "Joining the Band"

I extend sincere gratitude to the following people who made the production of A Braver Kind possible. Thank you all for "Joining the Band" and helping make this dream come true!

Mille grazie,



Janie Barnett

Kari Blowers

Evelina Buttitta and Salvo Rubino

Diane Carlyle and Eric Peterson

Beth Cheikes

Geoffrey Chisholm

Emma, Elise, and Eve Davis

Kimberly Davis

Cristiana Downey and DiVision Creative Studio

Erich Erving

Lorraine Ferro

Giuseppe and Nora Giglio

Danielle Giorgetti

Sharon Goldman

Jon Gordon Music Production

Stephen Harris

Geoff Hastings

Jessica Jackson

Kay Kurashige

Victoria Lavington

Benjamin Leavitt

Scott Mandel

Anna O’Sullivan

Alan Orling

Lara Pellegrinelli

Joe Ravo

JoAnn Robertozzi

Curtis Rodgers

Erica Rosen

Matthew Rotstein

Jane and Allan Schneider

Claire Scola

Peter Scola

Dr. Stephen and Amanda Scola

Julia and Al Soistman and all of the Ravo family
in memory of their parents Joseph and Elizabeth Ravo

Michael Susi

Theresa Thanjan

Elizabeth and Matt Uppenbrink

Lillyrose Veneziano Broccia

Laura Wingate