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Allison Scola: Press

One performer sure to dazzle, Allison Scola, will dance the Italian tarantella. “She pulls kids up and teaches them some aspects,” said Elisa Espiritu, director of development for the Two Bridges Neighborhood Council. “That should be really fun and educational as well.”

Allison is such a natural performer with such ease of presentation! Her multi-talents are all at her disposal which allows her to portray deep understanding of her subject matter. Each selection gives us a glimpse into her soul. By the end of the evening she gave us a total picture of her feelings and passion for her material! Brava!

Allison Scola embraces her heritage and American story very personally on A Braver Kind, and it's worth a listen. ... Overall, this is an enjoyable album. It seems familiar in its freshness, because it is pop with something more. That something more is Scola's history, honesty, and originality.
Scola is also an accomplished singer, songwriter and musician who has toured nationally and internationally, and is now preparing to release an album of original songs. "I've been living a double life for many years," she says.
Allison has a beautiful tone to her voice; think of a cross between Tori Amos and Sarah McLaughlin and you're almost there. She has this wonderful vulnerability that you don't often hear.
Direct and honest, her singing is comforting and all-embracing, like being in the presence of your long lost best friend. Allison made eye contact with the audience at every opportunity, a gesture that is assuredly sincere and not a gimmick. It’s simply indicative of the person she is and it makes her lyrical rendering all the more accessible- as if her songs are all sung for you and you alone.