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Allison Scola: Photos

Allison Scola Project

Allison Scola Project (Photo: David Wentworth)
Allison Scola Project - From left: Mark Verdino, Janie Barnett, Allison Scola, Steve Jabas, Dave Mancuso, Alden Banta, and Joe Ravo. (Photo: David Wentworth)
I'm learning how to play guitar. This is Joe Ravo and I playing "Canzone Per Madre Terra" together. I wrote it as soon as I learned more than two chords. I couldn't help myself! (Photo: David Wentworth)


I play piano because I love to write songs. I play clarinet because I love to sing. (Photo: David Wentworth)
My musical influences are many. If I must narrow it down... The Beatles and Madonna are up there right next to Cole Porter, Mozart, Carl Maria von Weber, and the women who sang work songs in the olive orchards in southern Italy. (Photo: David Wentworth)
At our July 2008 show at Drom the band and the audience got their grooves on. Come dance an erotic tarantella with us -- I promise... this isn't your grandma's tarantella! (Photo: David Wenthworth)

Dancing and Playing

I've been studying Italian language and culture for many years. My first trip to Italy in 1996 changed my life. It's amazing what some cute boys with accents can inspire a girl to do! (Photo: John Saponara)
It's been said that my music sounds like Sarah McLachlan, Dido, Tracey Thorn, Laura Nyro, Natalie Merchant, and Fiona Apple. (Photo: John Saponara)
I like to listen to Italian folk and pop music as well as American and English pop. My stereo often sings with Carmen Consoli, Eugenio Bennato, Gianmaria Testa, Vinicio Capossela, Jovanotti, Fratelli Mancuso, and tarantella music. (Photo: John Saponara)
I love to play this Sicilian-style tamburo designed by my Italian folk dance and music teacher Alessandra Belloni. (Photo: John Saponara)
Here I am doing two of my favorite things: playing the pizzica tarantella on tamburo and enjoying the water on a summer day. (Photo: John Saponara)