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Allison Scola: Music

I Want to Touch You

(Words and music by Allison Scola)
Allison Scola: lead vocal, piano, background vocals
Janie Barnett: acoustic guitar, background vocals
Steve Jabas: electric guitar, backwards guitar, drum track and loop programming
Mark Verdino: electric bass
Dave Mancuso: drum kit, percussion
Rob Curto: accordion
Alessandra Belloni: tarantella vocal, pizzica tambourine
John T. LaBarbera: mandolin, mandola
Greg Germann: additional drum track programming

Produced by Janie Barnett
Engineered and mixed by Jon Gordon
Published by Allison Scola (BMI)
Here you are next to me
We’ve got such chemistry
Inhale your every breath
Feel my helplessness…
I want to touch you, but I can’t

Night dreams haunt my sleep
Feelings run so deep
Can’t seem to ignore
That you’re wanting more
I want to touch you, but I can’t

Now’s not the time to live this fantasy, no
Maybe in another life in some other century, oh…

Feel my helplessness
Prize my faithfulness
I want to touch you!

I think all day
Oh, about… your chest
Oh, about… your neck
Oh, about… your lips
Oh, about… mmm…
I want to touch you…
…but I can’t